SC B4 has currently :

  • 4 Advisory Groups assisting the Chairman in the definition of strategic and customer oriented directions,
  • Several Working Groups and Task Forces, all approved by the Technical Committee of CIGRE, with definite scope, deliverables and duration.

Chairman: Mohamed Rashwan

TransGrid Solutions Inc
200-150 Innovation Dr.
Winnipeg, MB
Phone: (204) 989 4852
Fax:     (204) 989 4858

Secretary: Jingxuan (Joanne) Hu

RBJ Engineering Corporation
203-1483 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB
Phone: 1-204-415-4853
Fax: 1-204-415-4850

Advisory Groups

AG 1Strategic Advisory GroupMohamed Rashwan2020
AG 2DC Grid CoordinationBjarne Andersen2020
AG 3Communication and WebsiteDhaliwal, Narinder & Eduardo Prieto2020
AG 4HVDC System Performance  Dhaliwal, NarinderPermanent


Working Groups - Task Forces

RefTitleConvener Dates
(Creation - Disbanding)
WG B4/B5-59Control and Protection of HVDC GridsKees Koreman2011-2015
WG B4-64Impact of AC System Characteristics on the Performance of HVDC schemesJef Berteen2013-2017
JWG C4/B4.38Network Modelling for Harmonic StudiesZia Emin2014-2017
WG B4-66Implications for harmonics and filtering of staggered installation of HVDC converter stations in proximate locationsFernando Cattan2014-2016
WG B4-67Harmonic aspects of VSC HVDC, and appropriate harmonic limitsNigel Shore 2014-2016
WG B4-68Revision of Technical Brochure 92 - DC Harmonics and FilteringNigel Shore2014-2016
WG B4-69Minimizing loss of transmitted power by VSC during overhead line faultDennis Woodford2015-2017
WG B4-70Guide for Electromagnetic Transient Studies involving VSC convertersSébastien Dennetiere2015-2017
WG B4-71Application guide for the insulation coordination of Voltage Source Converter HVDC (VSC HVDC) stationsDr. Mojtaba Mohaddes2015-2018
WG B4-72DC grid benchmark models for system studiesTing An2016-2018
JWG B4/B1/C4.73Surge and extended overvoltage testing of HVDC Cable SystemsMarkus Saltzer2016-2017
WG B4-74Guide to Develop Real-Time Simulation Models (RTSM) for HVDC Operational StudiesQi Guo2016-2018
WG B4-75Feasibility Study for assessment of lab losses measurement of VSC valvesChristian Rathke2016-2019
WG B4-76DC-DC converters in HVDC Grids and for connections to HVDC systemsDragan Jovcic2017-2020
TF B4-77AC Fault response options for VSC HVDC ConvertersJohn Gleadow2017-2018
JWG C2.B4.38Capabilities and requirements definition for Power Electronics based technology for secure and efficient system operation and controlJan van Putten2017-2020
WG B4.78Cyber Asset Management for HVDC/FACTS SystemsKerry B. Walker2018-2020
JWG C6/B4-37Medium Voltage DC distribution systemsJames Yu,2018-2021
B4-79Hybrid LCC/VSC HVDC SystemsHong Rao2018-2022

Additionally,  SC B4 has a liason -Ms. Yanny Fu- between SC B4 and the IEC technical committee (TC) 115 High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission for DC voltages above 100 kV and a liason -Mr. Peter Lundberg- between SC B4 and Cenelec CLC TC8X/WG06 System aspects for HVDC grids.