SC B4 is currently composed of 4 Advisory Groups (AGs) and 13 Working Groups (WGs). Additionally, B4 participates in 4 further Joint Working Groups. Note that the Terms of Reference of each AG, WG or JWG can be found by clicking on the number of the group. AGs have been set up to advice the Chairman on specific issues. They do not have a fixed duration for their existence. WGs carry out the main work within the Study Committee, in accordance with the Term of Reference, which will have been approved by the Technical Committee. The WG is led by a convenor, and the members of the WG are drawn from the Regular Members of B4 and experts. Occasionally, joint working groups (JWG) are created with other Study Committees, to carry out a task which requires expertise which partly exist within the scope of B4 and partly within the scope of another Study Committee.

AG 1 Strategic Advisory Group (pdf, 122kB)

AG 4 HVDC System Performance (pdf, 20kB)

B4/B5-59 - Control and Protection of HVDC Grids (pdf, 30kB)

B4-64 Impact of AC System Characteristics on the Performance of HVDC schemes (pdf, 63kB)

JWG C4/B4.38 Network Modelling for Harmonic Studies (pdf, 55kB)

B4-66 Implications for harmonics and filtering of staggered installation of HVDC converter stations in proximate locations (pdf, 52kB)

B4-67 Harmonic aspects of VSC HVDC, and appropriate harmonic limits (pdf, 30kB)

B4-68 Revision of Technical Brochure 92 - DC Harmonics and Filtering (pdf, 55kB)

B4-69 Minimizing loss of transmitted power by VSC during overhead line fault (pdf, 62kB)

B4-70 Guide for Electromagnetic Transient Studies involving VSC converters (pdf, 56kB)

B4-71 Application guide for the insulation coordination of Voltage Source Converter HVDC (VSC HVDC) stations (pdf, 127kB)

B4-72 DC grid benchmark models for system studies (pdf, 178kB)

JWG B4/B1/C4.73 Surge and extended overvoltage testing of HVDC Cable Systems (pdf, 146kB)

B4-74 Guide to Develop Real-Time Simulation Models (RTSM) for HVDC Operational Studies (pdf, 73kB)

B4-75 Feasibility Study for assessment of lab losses measurement of VSC valves (pdf, 134kB)

B4-76 DC-DC converters in HVDC Grids and for connections to HVDC systems (pdf, 139kB)

B4. TF-77 AC Fault response options for VSC HVDC Converters (pdf, 25kB)

JWG C2.B4.38 Capabilities and requirements definition for Power Electronics based technology for secure and efficient system operation and control (pdf, 156kB)

WG B4.78 Cyber Asset Management for HVDC/FACTS Systems (pdf, 76kB)