JWG C2.B4.38 Capabilities and requirements definition for Power Electronics based technology for secure and efficient system operation and control

The main scope of this Joint Working Group will be assessing best practices, technology capabilities and requirements for the integration of power electronics based technologies in the electrical power system, with the focus on its usage for system operations and control, taking advantage of the technical strengths, and mitigate the weaknesses.

The main activities will focus on:

1             Reviewing previous CIGRE (e.g. SC B4, SC C6) and other work in this domain.

2             Researching and describing world-wide implemented solutions and best operational and control practices with Power Electronics based equipment, building an overview on installed systems and developed solutions.

3             Identifying Power Electronics technology integration capabilities and control issues relevant for system operations, including further steps to better define the requirements and adequately utilise the various Power Electronics based network components.

4             Defining best practices for Power Electronics based technology used in system operation and control, including implementation in connection requirements and possible description of necessary analysis.

5             Recommending areas for further research and development, in order to gain new insights.

Terms of Reference (pdf, 156kB)