B4-68 Revision of Technical Brochure 92 - DC Harmonics and Filtering

CIGRÉ Technical Brochure 92 “DC Side Harmonics and Filtering in HVDC Transmission Systems” (1994) was prepared by Task Force 2 of WG14.03. It is an extensive treatment of the subject, has been quoted in numerous Technical Specifications for HVDC Projects, and is not known to contain any technical errors. However, the typed format of the Brochure is outdated and makes it a little difficult to read and to access key information. The Brochure itself, being quite old, has slipped out of people’s knowledge – to the extent that the appropriate IEC group dealing with this area recently stated that there was no CIGRÉ publication on DC filters.

There are also aspects of the document which could be improved. It is therefore proposed that a revision of this Technical Brochure should be undertaken. The revised document could then be used by IEC in the normal process of adopting the technical work which flows from CIGRÉ.

Terms of Reference (pdf, 55kB)

 WG members:

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