TB 590 2014 B4-04 Protocol for reporting the operational performance of HVDC Transmission Systems

Recognizing that the experience gained on HVDC transmission systems could be of value throughout the industry, CIGRÉ Study Committee 14 established Working Group 04, This WG group is now renamed as Advisory Group 04 (AG B4-04). Performance of DC Schemes, with terms of reference which included an obligation to collect information on all systems in commercial service. It was considered that such information could be useful in the planning, design, construction and operation of new projects. It was also envisaged that the sharing of operational performance data could be of benefit to those concerned with the operation of existing HVDC links or those planning new HVDC links. It was clear that such reports were best prepared in accordance with a standardized procedure so that, with time, the accumulated data from several systems would establish a basis against which performance could be judged.

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Preface                                                                                  page

Scope of Reporting Scheme                                                       1

Preparation and Distribution of Reports                                       1

Definitions                                                                                2

Equipment and Fault Category Terms                                         5

Instructions for Compilation of Report                                         8

Guidelines for Interpretation of Events                                        13

Performance of Special Controls                                               14


A - An Example of an Outage Log

B - Fault Classification Categories and Subcategories Blank Tables