TB 407 2010 JWG A2/B4.28 HVDC Converter Transformers - Guidelines for conducting design reviews for HVDC converter transformers

A design review provides a common customer-manufacturer understanding of the applicable standards and specification requirements. It is an opportunity to scrutinize the design to ensure the requirements will be met, using the manufacturer’s proven materials and methodology. This document prepared by A2/B4.28, is based on the existing guide (TB 204) while expanding to address specific aspects associated with the HVDC Converter Transformer, such as higher harmonic or transient waveforms.

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1 Scope and Normative References
2 Definitions
3 Objectives
4 Schedules
5 Subjects for Design Review
6 System Data
7 Environmental Information
8 Transformer Specific Requirements
9 Transformer Design
10 Fabrication
11 Testing
12 Ancillary Equipment
13 Transportation and Installation
14 Local Regulations
15 Oil Quality