TB 130 1998 SC 14 WG 14.23 Operational guidelines and monitoring of HVDC systems

Major advances in technology for controlling HVDC systems has led to greater efficiency in operation and maintenance, as well as providing a reduction in staff. The quality and reliability of an HVDC system is directly dependent on the type of monitoring implemented. Recent developments now allow implementation of computer based information systems with significant improvements in the delivery and presentation of data necessary for supporting the operation.

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Table of Contents

      1 Introduction

      2 Operational Guidelines

            2.1 Introduction

            2.2 HVDC Schemes

            2.3 Operating Conditions

            2.4 Maintenance Co-ordination

            2.5 Control Location

            2.6 Control Mode

            2.7 Control Level

            2.8 DC System Configuration

            2.9 Status of Operation

            2.10 Energy Transfer Modes

            2.11 Black Start

      3 Operator Interface

            3.1 Introduction

            3.2 Initiation and Monitoring

            3.3 Monitoring Systems

            3.4 Process Data Archiving and Performance Monitoring

            3.5 Operator Support and Help Functions

            3.6 Hardware and Software Requirements

      4 Documentation and Training

            4.1 Introduction

            4.2 Reference Information Systems for Operators

            4.3 Training Systems

      5 Conclusion

      6 References