TB 000 1994 SC 14 WG 14.02 A summary of the report on survey of controls and control performance in HVDC schemes.

A survey questionnaire on HVDC controls and control performance was formulated and copies submitted for completion to DC schemes. This report serves as a data collection and summary of general control arrangements, strategies and parameters used in the schemes for which questionnaires were returned. For some schemes having significant and relevant operational experience, control performance was reported on and a summary analysis is contained.

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1  HVDC Schemes Around The World-Map

2  Abstract and Introduction

3  Short  Circuit Ratios

4  General Features and Controls

5  Special Control Features

6  System Dynamic Controls

      6.1 Super-synchronous and sub-synchronous instabilities

      6.2. Voltage dependent current limits

      6.3. Commutation failure control

      6.4. AC voltage control

      6.5. Recovery from faults

      6.6. AC system damping and frequency control

7  Guide Table on AC/DC Interactions and Disturbing Phenomena

8. Operational Performance of Control Systems

9. References & Acknowledgement

10. Tables 1 to 18 – DC scheme controls and parameters

11. Appendix – DC Schemes Single Line Diagrams and Control Block Diagrams