New SC B4 WGs in the field of Harmonics in HVDC


Three new WGs in the field of Harmonics in HVDC have been approved by CIGRE and will start work in the coming months.  If you are interested in joining any of these WGs, please let it know to the Regular Member of your National Committee so that you might be considered for nomination.  Please note that anyone interested in joining a SC B4 WG should submit their CV to enable the working group convenor to make their choice of members. 

The new WGs are:

B4-66 Implications for harmonics and filtering of staggered installation of HVDC converter stations in proximate locations

B4-67 Harmonic aspects of VSC HVDC, and appropriate harmonic limits

B4-68 Revision of Technical Brochure 92 - DC Harmonics and Filtering

The terms of reference of these WGs can be found on the SC B4 website, or directly clicking on their names.